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Google & Social Media Ads

You know you've got a great product - it's already selling and now it's time to scale!  You need to get your business in front of MORE of the right people, and you know that digital advertising can do exactly that.  Now you need someone with the expertise to ensure your ads are strategically set up and managed to ensure the best return on ad spend.


Hi - I'm Sarah, founder of Let It Go Social, and I can help your business grow using Google and Social Media Ads.



Cara & The Sky

Sarah has been a lifesaver managing my Facebook ads this season. After spending a lot of money and getting very low results, once Sarah took over, we had sold more in the first week then I had over the past 3 months. I have quickly learnt that to run ads properly, you have to have a lot of knowledge and really understand the format of testing, which Sarah undoubtedly has. 


Sarah has done wonders for my business. Exceeded my expectations by a mile.

I had expected 50 bookings if achievable over a 3 month period. Sarah’s expert skills have accumulated over 125 bookings in less than 1 month.

The result has been outstanding.

Iceni Silver Periodwear

As complete novices to the world of social media, Sarah has taken the worry and stress away. By taking the time to understand our new business and aspirations, her expert knowledge and friendly manner have helped us immeasurably.  Thank you Sarah, it's been an absolute pleasure!

Donna Duke Llande Photography

My Facebook ads generate me so much interest and client leads...I'm getting so many quality potential clients and not enough time to contact them all straight away. 

I'm fully booked now until the end of January and I still have clients I need to contact...Honestly my business wouldn't run as well as it does without Sarah. I recommend her to everyone.

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