Facebook Ads and Social Media Management

Do you need to get your business in front of more of the right people? Does marketing on social media take your time away from doing what you love? Are you ready to scale your business using Facebook ads but you just don't know where to start?  Or have you tried ads but they just haven't worked? 


Hi - I'm Sarah Murdoch, founder of Let It Go Social, and I can help your business grow using organic or paid social media.    

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Charlie & George

Sarah is an expert in her field, she is truly lovely and easy to work with, taking careful time to understand us and her business and how best she can help us.

Women's Weights

I booked a power hour with Sarah and was really impressed.  It was well researched, professional and the information and training I got was super helpful and very tailored to my business. I definitely have a better grasp of Insta now and I hope I can have Sarah manage my account for me soon as it's clear she will do a great job!

KooNoo Wellness

We thought we already knew a lot, but what Sarah taught us in an hour really opened our eyes!  It was unique and tailored to us which proved how professional she is in understanding her clients

Iceni Silver Periodwear

As complete novices to the world of social media, Sarah has taken the worry and stress away. By taking the time to understand our new business and aspirations, her expert knowledge and friendly manner have helped us immeasurably.  Thank you Sarah, it's been an absolute pleasure!

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Email: sarah@letitgosocial

Phone: 07493446782

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