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Social Media & Google Ads Management

You have a great product or service, it's already selling through organic marketing and now it's time to scale.

Digital advertising one of the most cost-effective and accessible forms of paid advertising you can use to grow your business, but in order to get the required results, you need your campaigns to be set-up and managed by someone who knows what they're doing...  

That's where I can help.

As a Google and Social Media Ads Strategist, I want to offer you the absolute best.  I have invested in advanced training with some of the best ads trainers internationally and have worked with a wide variety of industries so you can trust that your ads are being looked after by the expert your business deserves.

I offer a 'done for you' service, where I take the time to get to know your business, your target customer and your goals before coming up with a comprehensive strategy for your ads.  I will then monitor and optimise your account daily (this is not the setup-and-forget service some agencies offer!).


I only ever work with a small number of clients so I am able to take the time to nurture and grow your account properly, ensuring you are getting the best return on your investment.

Your investment:

Social Media Ads From are £700 per month (+ ad spend)


Google Ads From £650 per month plus a £500 one-off set up fee (+ ad spend)

Ready to find out more? Click the link below to book a free, no obligations,  discovery call so we can find out whether we are a good fit for one another.  

Full management not right for you? No problem! I also offer 1:1 coaching, where I can talk you through what you need to do in order to make your ads a success.  


"Sarah has done wonders for my business. Exceeded my expectations by a mile.


I had expected 50 bookings if achievable over a 3 month period. Sarah’s expert skills have accumulated over 125 bookings in less than 1 month.


The result has been outstanding.


Communication is excellent and Sarah even spotted a major issue on a booking site that was affecting bookings previously for many months and her attention to detail and determined nature went out her way to fix the issue. Very happy and recommend." Sophie, BabyBallers


"Sarah has been a lifesaver managing my Facebook ads this season. After spending a lot of money and getting very low results, once Sarah took over, we had sold more in the first week then I had over the past 3 months.


I have quickly learnt that to run ads properly, you have to have a lot of knowledge and really understand the format of testing, which Sarah undoubtedly has. " Cara, Cara And The Sky

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1:1 Ads Coaching

Perfect for the business owner who wants to run digital ads to promote their business, but isn't ready to outsource.  I  offer one-to-one coaching to get your ads working for you.


If you're already running ads, and you need help with a specific problem, the Power Hour is perfect.  


If you've never run ads before and want to get your first campaign up and running, I recommend the Nurture Package. This will give us enough time to work through the strategy and setup.  Then in the final session, we can analyse and optimise some initial results.*   

You will leave the call feeling confident and in control of your ads, with a clearer understanding of how you can make sure they're helping to build your business rather than being a drain on finances.  


Your investment:

Power Hour: £120 for 1 hour

Nurture Package: £297 for 3 hours (Saving £63)

* This service is time-dependent. While we will endeavor to cover as much as possible in the allotted time, if some tasks take longer than expected, we may not be able to cover all elements listed above. 

"My Facebook ads generate me so much interest and client leads.  In fact I've had to turn the ads off for a while as I catch up on leads because daily I'm getting so many quality potential clients and not enough time to contact them all straight away. 


I'm fully booked now until the end of January and I still have clients I need to contact back but I try to not do booking any more than 3 months in advance so those that are continuing to book are really invested which is great. Honestly my business wouldn't run as well as it does without Sarah. I recommend her to everyone." Donna, Donna Duke Llande Photography

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